Wednesday, July 4, 2007

MP3 toilet!

Besides including gizmos like a seat heater, automatic washer, and electronic controlled seat, this toilet includes a full fledged MP3 player with a SD card slot.

The control panel with the MP3 player can be attached on the wall. 16 classic tunes are included with the SD card. The MP3 player can Random playback, One Tune playback and so on.

It conserves power by studying the time patterns of usage and thus not heating the seat when the toilet is least used. The fully loaded N5A seat costs $1750.
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That's enough of it!
1. It started with this post:Complete Your Bathroom With a High-Tech Kohler(R) Toilet Seat
2. Then i came across Jo's blog and invited you to have a look! Is this 'Real Estate Blog' or 'Toilet Blog'?

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