Saturday, February 24, 2018

DSK lands himself in the Yerawada Jail soup

Police want to kill DSK!:

DSK lands himself in the Yerawada Jail soup

I demand an affidavit of Investigating Officer stating that he will be held responsible if DSK dies. Cried Shrikant Shivade, advocate of DSK.

Why are you so pessimistic - so negative? Don't you know that if you keep on thinking negative thoughts - your negative thoughts turn into reality? Look at us. We were thinking positively. Our positive thoughts turned into reality and we got the custody of DSK! The Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) Pravin Chavan said.

The crowd gathered in J. T. Utpat court laughed quietly.

My lord, police want DSK dead. That's why they sent him to Yerawada Jail. Police know that the jail dispensary is not equipped to treat DSK who is a severe diabetic patient. Advocate Shivade complaint.

But you demanded judicial custody for DSK. You sent him to Yerawada Jail. SPP Pravin Chavan said.

Instead of sending him to Yerawada Jail - the police should have produced DSK in the court today. Ad. Shivade said.

How can we produce him in the court? DSK was not in our custody. He was in judicial custody. Today, the panel of doctors in Sasoon Hospital gave a report that DSK is fit - since he was in judicial custody - he was sent to Yerawada Jail. SPP Chavan said.

The police kept me in the dark. They didn't give me the medical reports. Isn't this enough to prove that they want DSK dead? What will happen in case of medical emergency? They will treat him in Sasson Hospital. You know? Sassoon Hospital is a den of corruption. The doctors and facilities are substandard. Sending DSK to Sasson means planning to kill him. Ad. Shivade said.

Accused in judicial custody is treated at Sassoon Hospital only. SPP Chavan said.

Give DSK police custody. In case of medical emergency treat DSK in Dinanath Hospital. Begged Ad. Shivde.

Sure. Police don't mind about custody. But the accused in our custody is treated at Sassoon Hospital only. SPP Chavan said.

In that case - I demand an affidavit from Investigating Officer stating that he will be held responsible if DSK dies. Cried Shrikant Shivade, advocate of DSK.

Ignoring the quietly laughing crowd - the court started dictating order about sending DSK to police custody.

The last sentence of the order was - "in case of medical emergency police should give him proper medical treatment."

Ad. Shivade was happy to send DSK to police custody but was unhappy about the medical treatment. So, again he insisted on Dinanath Hospital.

We all care for his well being. Said the court and added - "preferably at Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital"!

So, till 1st of March, DSK is out of the frying pan and into the fire!

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