Friday, January 5, 2018

DSK Flat Buyers, Approach MahaRERA to get compensation for delayed possession

Good news for those who booked flats under
"Aadhi Ghar Paise Nantar" Offer:
DSK is legally responsible to pay Pre-EMI till possession!
Bank can not harass you!!

DSK Flat Buyers, Approach MahaRERA to get compensation for delayed possession

By blogging MahaRERA's order about compensation for delayed possession of flat in DSK Mayurban at Pirangut, Vijay Kumbhar has given good news to all flat buyers in all DSK Group's stalled projects - DSK Dream City, DSK Anandghan, DSK Nabhangan, DSK Sadaphuli, DSK Mayurban, DSK Nandanvan, DSK Pushpaban, DSK Chaitraban, DSK Gold Leaf, DSK Vedant, DSK Madhukosh etc.

1) Now, every month - everyone of you can get interest - at the rate of 10.05% - on your own contribution - from the date of possession mentioned in the agreement - till the actual possession of flat.

Yes! From the date of possession mentioned in the agreement!!
MahaRERA has refused to consider the 6 months grace period for possession mentioned in the agreement.

2) This MahaRERA order gives a big relief to those who have booked flats under "Aadhi Ghar Paise Nantar" & "DSK Master Plan". Now, banks can not harass you for Pre-EMI. By referring to this order you can tell your bank to go and collect Pre-EMI from DSK. Till you get the flat possession - it is DSK's legal responsibility to pay the Pre-EMI. DSK can not avoid it. Banks can not force you to pay.

3) Don't worry about expenses to file the complaint! As per this order - DSK will pay you Rs. 20,000 as the cost of complaint!!

4) Don't worry about that clause about 'Arbitrator' - according to the order - RERA Act overrides it.

It means that - DSK can not stop you from getting justice.

All crooked tactics of DSK have completely failed with MahaRERA.

So, don't waste time.

Visit MahaRERA website today. File complaint. Get compensation for delayed possession.

If you need any help, call Vijay Kumbhar on 91 99232 99199 to fix an appointment.

Pay him Rs. 1,000 per flat and file foolproof complaint with MahaRERA!

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