Monday, April 24, 2017

A Visit to Mantra Park View Dhayari

1, 1.5, 2, & a 3 BHK Flat for someone who can't afford to own a flat:

Mr. Swapnil Pharat, Assistant Manager - Sales, & Ravi Karandeekar

I visited Mantra Properties' Park View at Chavan Baug in Dhayari on Sinhagad Road. It was Saturday, the first day of 'Sabse Saste 7 Din' offer. Around 1130 am, I reached the site sales office. I was the first visitor of the day. I left around 1 pm.

When I was leaving, I saw a young couple climbing a small mountain on which the site office was located. I felt very sorry for the young couple. Because, I was almost convinced that flats in Mantra Park View are for those who can not afford to own a flat.

Why do want to own a flat when you know well that you can not afford to buy one? I wanted to ask the couple. But couldn't ask because I was already late for my next appointment.

Hey young couple! You are too young to own a home. If you work & save for a few more years, you will be able to own a real home. Not something which looks like a home. Why rush and buy inferior property today? You know? Getting a home loan is easy - but repaying a home loan is tough. It drains you financially. It affects your entire life. I went on talking with myself.

An inferior property! Ravi Karandeekar, how can you say that a flat in Mantra Park View is an inferior property?

Don't you remember what Mr. Swapnil Pharat, Assistant Manager - Sales, said?

Swapnil said - "Park View is a premium property!"

Oh! Yes!! Swapnil also told me that most of his flat buyers are in their 30s. Hard working salaried class who are eligible to get a home loan to buy a 37 lakh rupees 1 bhk flat - 48 lakh rupees 2 bhk flat & 65 lakh rupees 3 bhk flat with a car park!!

If these guys can really afford to buy - why would have Mantra Properties offered a rent till possession - 5,500 for a 1 bhk - 8,000 for a 2 bhk & 9,000 for a 3 bhk flat? I asked myself.

It means that Mantra Park View is about the people who are in their 30s.
Who may be considering themselves as inadequate human beings
- who couldn't own a home in their 20s.

If I don't book today - I may never become a homeowner in this life
- this thought may not be letting them sleep.

Defeated souls who are trying to prove that they are not losers.
Ready to book whatever looks like a flat.
Glad to become a slave of a bank for life.

But, this is psychological!
Based on the popular self defeating belief.
Homeownership is an ultimate proof of a successful human being.
Which is not true!

That's why the brochure & website of Mantra Park View does not have floor plans.
The message is clear - you are not buying a flat.
You are buying a false feeling of homeownership.

What say you?

Why do most of us buy a home?

If we were really buying a home to live in it - we would have bought a home in which we can stay comfortably. Right?

Please, share your views in the comments.

A few photos of Mantra Park View, Dhayari:

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